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ADVANCE NCFDD Faculty Success Fellowship Program

Original Programs

There were initially 12 ADVANCE activities that were carefully designed by committees of TAMU faculty and staff to transform Texas A&M University by increasing equity, particularly for women faculty in STEM disciplines.  Each activity was aligned with one or more of the American Psychological Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace (PHW) practices – the underlying, evidence-based framework for the TAMU ADVANCE initiative. 

The activities were organized into 3 broad categories:  Workplace Climate Improvement, Recruitment and Retention, and Success Enhancement. 

Over the past few years, the university has been taking steps to institutionalize the programs and activities that initiated with the ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant.  Some of the programs and activities have already become well established in the new phase of ADVANCE, albeit with newly defined scopes and/or target audiences. Some programs and activities are in the process of being revitalized. And, finally, others are suspended for the time being as the future direction of ADVANCE is worked out under new leadership. 

The information below provides an overview of the programs and their current status.

Workplace Climate Improvement

LEAD (Leadershop Excellence for Academic Diversity)

ADVANCE collaborated with the Office of the Dean of Faculties to enhance professional development for Department Heads at Texas A&M.  The goal of the LEAD Program was to expand Department Head understanding of implicit bias and provide further support to help them meet diversity goals related to women faculty.

Status:  Active.  LEAD has become fully institutionalized at Texas A&M.  ADVANCE played a pivotal role in ensuring that Department Head trainings were offered on a regular basis. The Office of the Dean of Faculties has continued to offer workshops to all department heads (one per month during the academic year).  The workshops frequently address topics related to climate, accountability, equity, and diversity.  The Director of ADVANCE will work with the Office of the Dean of Faculties on the development of workshops for 2019-2020.

FASIT (Faculty & Staff Climate Improvement Teams)

The goal of the FASIT Program was to engage faculty and staff as partners in improving workplace climate and to increase their awareness of unintentional bais towards female faculty by augmenting existing training related to gender equity and diversity.
Status:  Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out.

Department Mini-Grants

Mini-grants for innovative projects were awarded to individual departments to support diversity efforts and to provide an avenue for innovative strategies to promote the success of women faculty.
Status: Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out.

Student Diversity Training

The goal of this activity was to teach students that respecting all faculty was a part of the culture of excellence at Texas A&M.
Status: Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out.

Merit Pool Incentives

ADVANCE worked with the former Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity to provide merit pool incentives to academic units that demonstrated that they were making significant progress towards university diversity goals. 
Status: Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out.

Recruitment and Retention

STRIDE Search Committee Training Workshops

The Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Program provides search committee members with specific strategies intended to reduce implicit bias during faculty searches.  STRIDE was developed as a joint effort between the Dean of Faculties Office and ADVANCE. 
Status:  Active.  A number of STRIDE workshops are scheduled for Fall 2019 (and beyond). Beginning in 2019, STRIDE workshops will be required for all faculty search committee members (with the exception of those individuals who have completed any search committee training program within the past two years). 

Early Career Faculty Workshops (Roadmap)

Each year, ADVANCE hosted annual workshops for early career women faculty who were potential or new hires and postdoctoral researchers who were considering a career in academia. The workshops focused on understanding promotion and tenure policies, negotiating startup packages, balancing work and life obligations, and more.
Status: Active.  The Office of the Dean of Faculties has continued to offer two-day Roadmap Workshops for tenure-track faculty, and expanded this program to all tenure-track faculty at Texas A&M.  The Office of the Dean of Faculties has also developed a parallel workshop for Academic Professional Track (APT) Faculty.

Faculty Recognition

In collaboration with the Dean of Faculties Office, the Women’s Faculty Network, and the Women’s Former Student Network, the Women Administrators Network, and the Vice President of Research, ADVANCE worked to recognize and publicize the achievements of women faculty, and to promote award nominations for women faculty.
Status: Active.  The Office of External Faculty Recognition was established to support national and international award nominations for all faculty at Texas A&M.

ADVANCE Speaker Series

The speaker series brought in senior women faculty who were actively involved in gender and diversity issues, and mid-career and senior women who were nominated by departments for recruiting purposes.
Status:  Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out. However, the Office for Diversity offers an Enhancing Diversity Seminar Series that provides similar lecture events.

Success Enhancement

ADVANCE Scholars Program (Mentoring Program for Women Faculty of Color)

In collaboration with the Office of the Vice President & Associate Provost for Diversity, this program aimed to provide eminent external mentors and senior internal advocates for underrepresented women faculty.
Status:  Being revitalized as a program offered for the Office for Diversity in conjunction with the Accountability, Climate, Equity and Scholarship (ACES) Fellows Program. The scope has been revised to include scholars with a strength in and respect for diversity and inclusion.

Peer Mentoring Groups (Success Circles)

This activity helped organize peer mentoring groups centered on personal and professional interests.  Success circles included women faculty united around the following interests: Power Writing, Female Department Heads, and New Moms. 

Status:  Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out. However, several of these groups continue to meet together without the support and coordination of ADVANCE.

Administrative Fellow Program

This activity provided an opportunity for senior women faculty to serve as an ADVANCE Administrative Fellow through developmental assignments in departments and offices across campus.  Fellows were selected based on a proposed project, jointly developed by the faculty member and the administrative host office, and supported jointly by the ADVANCE Center and the host office.
Status:  Suspended as future plans for ADVANCE are being worked out. However, several units across campus have created similar programs modeled on the Administrative Fellow program.