Mission & Responsibilities

The Office of the Dean of Faculties strives to achieve and preserve a university environment in which faculty feel inspired and enabled to reach their full potential. This office facilitates and observes fairness and equity in the recruitment, evaluation and advancement of faculty and academic administrators. The Office of the Dean of Faculties is committed to academic freedom, shared governance, excellence and the common good.
  • Improve faculty climate to attract high quality faculty, increase retention, enhance creativity and productivity, and facilitate the advancement of all imperatives and goals of Vision 2020 and the Academic Master Plan.

  • Improve all forms of faculty evaluation protocols, including their implementation and monitoring to ensure adequate and full consideration of individual faculty merits, fairness and equity, and respect for academic freedom.  Texas A&M University cannot aspire to become a leading, world-class university without preserving the most basic tenets of fair play and freedom of inquiry.

  • Align indicators of faculty excellence with Vision 2020 and the Academic Master Plan with the goals to:

    • Elevate our faculty’s teaching, as well as their research and scholarship endeavors;

    • Diversify and globalize the A&M community;

    • Strengthen the scholarship and diversity of our graduate programs;

    • Enhance the undergraduate experience through exposure to better and more diverse scholarly teachers, and

    • Meet our commitment to Texas by augmenting the relevance, quality and quantity of the service and engagement activities of our faculty.

  • Monitor, prioritize, demand and improve the commitment to and the quality of faculty participation in shared governance. Vision 2020 calls for transparency and collaboration between the administrators of the System and the University and all other university constituencies.
  • Elevate and diversify the quality of the faculty through development and training initiatives aimed at improving our hiring, mentoring, faculty evaluation, teaching, and engagement practices.

Core Values

Service: We operate with an attitude of excellence in all that we do and we are committed to providing the highest quality customer service.  We are passionate about our work and we strive to go the extra mile.

Teamwork: We value diversity and we promote collaboration, information, and unity.    We are dedicated to our team and to working generously toward our common goals.
Accountability: We uphold the highest moral and ethical standards. We demonstrate a commitment to honesty, integrity, and discretion.
Respect: We value differences and we exhibit sensitivity and compassion. We treat everyone with dignity and courtesy.


The dean of faculties has primary responsibilities in:

  • Promotion, Tenure and Development of Faculty
  • Appointment, Evaluation and Development of Academic Administrators
  • Advocacy for Women and Minority Faculty
  • Recruitment and Retention of Faculty
  • Faculty Development Leave
  • Appointment and Evaluation of Endowed and Distinguished Professors
  • Retirement Preparation Programs
  • Recognition & Awards Programs
  • Partner Placement