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Call for Proposals: 2018-2019 Tier One Program


Date:   2/12/2018


The Tier One Program (TOP) is now accepting grant proposals. TOP grants are funded by the university to promote multidisciplinary learning experiences for Texas A&M University students. Each proposal must include faculty members from at least two different colleges, schools, or campuses, engage 100 undergraduate or 50 graduate students, and integrate active research programs into the learning experience.

The deadline for faculty to submit proposals through the online submission portal is March 28, 2018. Department heads must approve the proposals by April 04, 2018 and all Deans of the participating colleges must approve the proposals by April 11, 2018. All proposals will be submitted and reviewed/approved by department heads and deans through an online submission portal. A link to the submission portal, as well as more information on the TOP program, can be found at: http://dof.tamu.edu/Grants/Tier-One-Program-Grant
Given the significant growth in popularity of the TOP program, we must rely on the Department Heads and Deans to ensure that all proposals approved prior to final submission to the Dean of Faculties will meet the minimum requirements for the grant. Thus, we have added a TOP Review Checklist wherein the PI certifies each component is present and the Department Heads and Deans then review the proposal to confirm eligibility. Proposals missing required components will not be reviewed for funding.
The selection committee encourages those who submitted a proposal last year that was not funded to resubmit their proposals for further consideration.
We ask that you distribute this information to the faculty in your college.
Please contact Sandra Harnden in the Office of the Dean of Faculties at awardsprograms@tamu.edu with any questions.