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Dr. Blanca Lupiani Honored with ACE Award for Women's Progress


Date:   4/13/2018


The ACE Awards, named in the spirit of the Texas A&M Diversity Plan, acknowledge and honor students, faculty and staff for their demonstrated commitment to the Texas A&M core value of RESPECT by promoting respectful treatment of others, affirming and encouraging individuals to take pride in their social and cultural identities, and including all in their definition of the "Aggie Family".  The ACE Awards are sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Office for Diversity, Department of Multicultural Services, Department of Disability Services, Women's Resource Center, Aggie Allies, Consensual Language, Education, Awareness, and Relationships Office and Student Government Association Diversity Commission.  

The Women’s Progress Award, sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center, honors students, staff, faculty, and administrators who encourage and promote sensitivity to and awareness of issues that relate to women. 

This award was given to Dr. Blanca Lupiani who encourages and directs attention to an improved environment for women through policy formation, goal-setting, programs, staff selection, etc. and positively promote women’s issues in the workplace.  Congratulations to Dr. Blanca Lupiani!