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Roadmap Workshop for a Successful Tenure-Track Career


Date:   2/12/2018


  • Are you a tenure-track faculty member in their first or second year of your probationary period?
  • Are you trying to take a lay of the land and determine what is really important in a successful bid for tenure?
  • Do you have any perspective on how to prioritize different milestones?
  • Have you considered what happens when you hit an unexpected detour?
  • Do you have everything you need for the long haul?
  • Do you know how to fuel your trip?
Register Here:  https://ers.tamu.edu/register.aspx?scheduleid=12250

It is important to take time periodically to reflect on your career goals and put them in context with the guidelines for tenure. We have created a career roadmap workshop for faculty in the first or second year of their tenure track positions. We encourage you to join us and explore your own roadmap while participating in two days of workshops and networking with both faculty at your same stage, and also faculty who have been successful with funding, writing, graduate mentoring, and achieving tenure.