A shared mission:
Texas A&M University is dedicated to the discovery, development, communication, and application ofknowledge in a wide range of academic and professional fields. It welcomes and seeks to serve persons ofall racial, ethnic, and geographic groups as it addresses the needs of an increasingly diverse population and aglobal economy. Women represent a vital part of the mission of Texas A&M University.

The Aggie Women Network (”Aggie Women”) shares with Texas A&M a mission to value and promoteinclusiveness and diversity and to advance the engagement of women in academic, research, mentoring, andservice activities of the institution. The mission of Aggie Women is to promote the active engagement ofwomen in the educational, charitable, and cultural life of the University. Women faculty at Texas A&MUniversity, by their outstanding achievements in teaching and research and opportunities for studentengagement and mentorship, are in a unique position to influence the educational experience of currentwomen students. Their successes are inspirational, and their distinguished careers aspirational to youngwomen who are still choosing the future direction of their lives and careers.

To fully support the eminence of Texas A&M University and the success of the next generation of AggieWomen, the University and the Aggie Women share within their missions the recognition of womenfaculty.
Purpose of the Award: 
With these shared values, Texas A&M University and the Aggie Women Network established the AggieWomen Eminent Scholar Award in 2011. This award serves to recognize a woman Texas A&M Universityfaculty member for extraordinary achievement in both original research or scholarship and impact on TexasA&M women students. The award honors accomplished faculty with clearly demonstrated eminence intheir field, who are also exemplary role models for women’s success, as demonstrated by a clear record ofexcellence in teaching, mentoring, and service, especially to women students.

 Eligiblity for the Award
Nominees for the Eminent Scholar Award shall be:

•Women who are tenured full professors and have been on the faculty at Texas A&M University for atleast 2 years.

•Exemplary role models for women’s success, as demonstrated by a record of excellence in teaching, service,mentoring, and exceptional achievements that have impacted current women students of Texas A&M.

•An eminent member of the faculty member’s field; prior recipients of highly prestigious national andinternational recognitions (including but not limited to Wolf Prize, Nobel Prize, ACLS Fellowships,Guggenheim Fellowships, NEH Fellowships, membership in the National Academies of Sciences,Medicine, or Engineering, or participation in national, international/global authorities such as the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights or a division head for the WHO).

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Eminent Scholar Award Guidelines

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