New faculty members are often provided with a faculty member from within their department or college to help navigate the transition to a new institution and new responsibilities. Local mentors are especially useful in learning about the “local” culture and expectations for that discipline and their department as well as helping to initiate a discipline specific network outside of Texas A&M. Please communicate with your department head or dean about the mentoring services available.

Additionally a university-wide Faculty Mentoring Program is currently administered by the Women’s Faculty Network and sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Faculties.

The program is open to faculty at large but was created out of a need to provide mentoring opportunities to women and other historically underrepresented minorities. Junior and senior faculty representing a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities are paired as mentor/mentee. Pairs commit to meet throughout the semester to provide the junior faculty (mentee) with valuable guidance to assist them in building successful careers at Texas A&M. The Office of the Dean of Faculties funds one lunch per semester, per pair, and encourages pairs to meet on a regular basis.

Mentees can expect mentors to get to know them as individuals and offer confidential guidance in areas of interest and concern, and to orient them to Texas A&M. Mentors are committed to taking a genuine interest in their mentee’s professional progress, familiarize them with Texas A&M policies and offer honest appraisal of their scholarship and progress, if asked. The Office of the Dean of Faculties is committed to faculty retention, creating an atmosphere of advocacy and respect, and ensuring accessibility for its entire faculty by offering an active faculty mentoring program.

For more information, or to join the program, please visit the Women's Faculty Network website.

Supplementing on-site mentoring programs, the Office of the Dean of Faculties, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Office of the Vice President for Research, Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, and Colleges, has purchased an institutional membership at the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD), an independent professional development, training and mentoring institute that offers support, resources and forums to its members. The center focuses on effective external mentoring for faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students with the goals of increasing productivity, maintaining work-life balance and improving retention by creating communities of support and accountability.

For further assistance on how to participate in NCFDD mentoring activities, please contact the Dean of Faculties office at (979) 845-4274, or dof@tamu.edu.