Tenure refers to the entitlement of a faculty member to serve in the academic position held unless dismissed for good cause. Tenure is based on the need to protect academic freedom and is irrevocable except as specified in University Rule 12.01.99.M2 - University Statement on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, Tenure, and Promotion.  De jure tenure is obtained only by the affirmative action of the Board of Regents.

For Promotion & Tenure questions, please email facultyevaluation@tamu.edu.  Please do not email individuals directly.

2020-2021 University Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

Please read this year's University Promotion and Tenure Packages Submission Guidelines. Please remember that these guidelines may change each year.

University, college and department guidelines related to tenure, promotion and faculty evaluations. Generally, guidelines for tenure and promotion are established by individual departments within the context set by their college guidelines, which in turn must abide by the University Promotion and Tenure Submission Guidelines and University Rule 12.01.99.M2.

T&P Basics and Planning Your Strategy:

College and Department Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

The current guidelines for the promotion and tenure process as developed by the colleges and/or departments in accordance with university rules and approved by the dean of faculties. See University Rule 12.01.99.M2.

Promotion and Tenure Forms