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Managing Users in Faculty Search

Administrator – Every hiring unit must have at least one assigned Administrator and can have more than one. FS Administrators are typically staff who are well-versed in coordinating academic personnel recruitment.

College-level Administrators can create, supervise, manage, monitor, and close searches at the college level or in any department within that college; department-level Administrators are assigned by the college-level Administrator and can create, supervise, manage, monitor, and close all searches at the department level.

Committee Manager – Assigned by Administrators to coordinate a particular search; can edit settings and statuses, view reports, communicate with applicants. This is an optional role. 

Evaluators – Assigned by department-level or college-level Administrator; appropriate role for members of the search committee charged with viewing, reviewing, and rating applications; cannot create/edit positions.

User Role Capabilities:  Interfolio Faculty Search User Role Capabilities