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About the Interdisciplinary Research and Academic Programs Task Force

Solving problems and advancing knowledge in the twenty-first century often requires crossing disciplinary boundaries. One of the consequences of the separation of the Vice President for Research Office from the Provost’s Office is the reorganization of administrative duties and responsibilities. The rule guiding the governance and creation of interdisciplinary programs is being modified to refer only to interdisciplinary research groups. This necessitates the creation of a rule to create a pathway to institutional recognition of Interdisciplinary (academic) Faculty Groups. The rule’s intention is to facilitate the fulfillment of the need to enrich the curricula to prepare graduates and scholars who are proficient in a variety of research methods, historical perspectives, and modes of inquiry. The rule will help to demonstrate compliance with regional accreditation requirements, which mandate that curricula development and instruction must be provided by appropriately accredited faculty. The rule will ensure accountability for resources employed in supporting interdisciplinary academic initiatives. So far we have received feedback from the academic deans and are now embarked in the process of seeking feedback from other constituencies, namely department heads and the faculty at large.