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Faculty Housing


  • If you are looking to buy or rent, see Available Housing.
  • If you are seeking a tenant, see Seeking Housing.
  • If you would like to post to this page as either a renter or a tenant please complete this form.


Texas A&M faculty who are on Faculty Development Leave or a leave of absence can post listings of their private home rental opportunities on this page. To ensure that the page is up to date please include a termination date on all rental submissions, and contact us at after a renter has been found. All submissions will be removed after three months unless an extension is requested. Faculty can re-post their rental opportunities any time thereafter.  


Incoming faculty who need short-term or long-term housing can also post their requests here. Postings will remain on the website until the termination date, or until their removal is requested. 


*The Office of the Dean of Faculties does not broker any deals. You must communicate with the primary contact person directly.*