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2020 Eminent Scholar Award Recipient

Texas A&M’s Aggie Women Network Selects Jyotsna Vaid For 2020 Eminent Scholar Award


Texas A&M University's Aggie Women Network (AWN) has selected Jyotsna Vaid as the recipient of the prestigious 2020 Eminent Scholar Award. The award is given jointly with the Texas A&M University Office of the President. Vaid is a professor of cognition and cognitive neuroscience and women’s and gender studies, and is director of the Language and Cognition Laboratory. 
Born in India, Vaid was raised in New York. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Vassar College, her doctorate at McGill University, and a post-doctoral fellowship from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. 
“I am deeply honored to have been selected for this award," Vaid said. "My experiences at Texas A&M have allowed me to develop as a researcher and an advocate for faculty of color. Working with like-minded colleagues to effect change in academia has been especially rewarding."
Vaid is a pioneer in her field, spearheading new lines of research in language, creative thought, and humor, AWN officials said. She is lauded for her research in the neuropsychology of bilingualism, where she has contributed seminal studies. Through her administrative work at A&M, she strives to advance women, having served on the Women's Faculty Network, as acting director of women's and gender studies, and as past coordinator of the ADVANCE Scholar Program. She has actively mentored several graduate students and women faculty. Vaid is a widely cited author of three edited books and monographs, 86 scholarly articles and 40 book chapters, and is editor and associate editor of two scholarly journals.
​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Aggie Women Awards Luncheon will not be held this year. When held, faculty, staff and students are invited each year to attend and celebrate the recipients of the Eminent Scholar Award and Legacy Awards. All 2020 recipients will be honored at the 2021 event. For updates on a 2021 event, visit the Aggie Women website
In 2011, Aggie Women Network proposed creating an award specifically for the dedicated women faculty of Texas A&M. The first award was given in 2012. It was established to honor the extraordinary women faculty who serve as role models for all Aggie students.
About Aggie Women Network
The Aggie Women Network is a volunteer organization passionate about giving back to Texas A&M University and to other women. Founded by alumni in 2007, the organization has been hosting networking opportunities, mentorship programs, providing grant scholarships and more for 13+ years. Together, they promote the active engagement of women in the educational, charitable and cultural life of the institution.

Jyotsna-Vaid-(1).png Jyotsna Vaid

Dr. Vaid earned her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from McGill
University. She is professor of Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
and Affiliated Faculty in Women's and Gender Studies at Texas A&M
University and Co-convenor of the Diversity Science Research Cluster
and the South Asia Studies Working Group. She is Editor in Chief of
Writing Systems Research, Associate Editor of J Cultural Cognitive
Science, and on the editorial boards of Laterality, J Neurolinguistics,
and International Perspectives in Psychology. Her ongoing research
examines neurocognitive and psycholinguistic aspects of
bilingualism, translation expertise, biliteracy, numeracy, and humor.
Her current research examines spatial biases in cognition and the
role of gender and race in professional visibility in academia.

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