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2021 University Professorship Recipients

2021 University Professorships Named

Three Texas A&M University faculty were selected for the 2021 University Professorship award. University Professorships recognize faculty who have demonstrated significant and sustained accomplishments in their discipline and who have gained recognition both nationally and internationally. The award also acknowledges a commitment to inclusivity and diversity and excellence in teaching and service.

Recipients receive an annual $5,000 stipend for three years and will retain the right to use the title so long as they remain a faculty member in good standing.

The 2021 University Professorships are: 


R. Malatesha Joshi
College of Education and Human Development
Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture


R. Malatesha Joshi is a Professor of Literacy Education and Educational
Psychology. Dr. Joshi has made transformational contributions to theory,
practice, and research in literacy among monolingual and bilingual/second
language learners, African American and inner-city children, as well as 
teacher knowledge relating to language concepts in the U.S. and in other
countries. Dr. Joshi is a fellow of the American Educational Research Association
and the recipient of the 2020 Orton award for the vital contribution to our
scientific understanding of dyslexia. His groundbreaking theoretical models
relating to the Simple View of Reading and developing the Componential Model
of Reading (CMR) are referenced in hundreds of research studies. Dr. Joshi’s 
work, and the work he has inspired, has improved the lives of children across the
globe, by elucidating how reading is acquired, as well as, factors that enhance
and impede its development. 

Simon North
College of Science
Department of Chemistry

Simon W. North is a Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry and 
the Co-Director of the National Aerothermochemistry Laboratory. Dr. North’s 
overarching research goals focus on the identification of factors that influence
the rates, energy disposal, and products of chemical reactions under a wide
range of conditions. To advance his work, Dr. North’s group has developed novel
experimental techniques and theoretical models. The applications of his work
have improved our understanding of stratospheric photochemistry, tropospheric
oxidation mechanisms of biogenic hydrocarbons, combustion chemistry,
interstellar chemistry, and turbulent hypersonic flows relevant to aerospace
engineering. In addition to his research efforts, Dr. North is an accomplished
educator who was twice awarded The Association of Former Students College-
Level Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching (2004 and 2010) and
received The Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award
in Teaching (2009). 


Nancy Welsch
School of Law

Nancy A. Welsh is a Professor of Law and Director of Texas A&M’s nationally
ranked Dispute Resolution Program. She is a leading scholar and teacher of
dispute resolution and procedural law and examines negotiation, mediation,
arbitration, judicial settlement, and other processes in U.S. and international
contexts. Her work has influenced the development of court-connected programs
and ethics rules. Professor Welsh is co-author of Dispute Resolution and Lawyers
and co-editor of Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution. She
 is a member of the American Law Institute, was a Fulbright Scholar in the
Netherlands, and chaired the American Bar Association’s Section of Dispute
Resolution and the Association of American Law Schools’ Alternative Dispute
Resolution Section. Professor Welsh frequently provides keynote addresses at
 national and international gatherings, advises policymakers, and convenes 
roundtables and symposia on pressing topics. Previously, she was Professor of
Law and William Trickett Faculty Scholar at Penn State’s Dickinson Law School. 

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