The Dean of Faculties Operations Council (DFOC) serves as an advisory body to the Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost. It focuses primarily on operations and procedures regarding faculty issues throughout the university, and provides overall direction, priority setting and guidance for process improvement and development of new initiatives and programming. The council will discuss academic policies, implementation strategies, best practices and other issues related to faculty advancement, promotion, excellence, climate, diversity and equity.

The DFOC is composed of one executive associate dean/associate dean from each college, who has direct responsibilities related to faculty development, hiring, grievances, tenure and promotion, and faculty diversity, climate and inclusion.

DFOC Members  

N.K.  Anand
College of Engineering  

Frank Ashley, III
Bush School of Government and Public Service  

Paul Dechow
College of Dentistry  

Ioannis Economou
Texas A&M University at Qatar  

Lisako Jones-McKyer
School of Public Health

Clare Gill
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Duane Ireland
Mays Business School  

Violet Johnson
College of Liberal Arts  

Dawn Jourdan
College of Architecture  

Mansour Khan
College of Pharmacy  

Donna Lang
Texas A&M University at Galveston  

Matthew Sorenson
College of Nursing  

Julie Mosbo-Ballestro
University Libraries  

Tim Mulvaney
School of Law  

Fred Nafukho
College of Education and Human Development  

Kenita Rogers
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences  

William Griffith
College of Medicine  

Ping Yang
College of Geosciences  

Mark Zoran
College of Science