Promotion & Tenure

Tenure refers to the entitlement of a faculty member to serve in the academic position held unless dismissed for good cause. Tenure is based on the need to protect academic freedom and is irrevocable except as specified in 
University Rule 12.01.99.M2 - University Statement on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, Tenure and Promotion.

University Promotion & Tenure Guidelines

College Guidelines for Promotion & Tenure, Annual Review, and Post-Tenure Review

Annual Review

Annual review guidelines are established by departments within the context set by the guidelines established by the college. According to University Rule 12.01.99.M2 - University Statement on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, Tenure and Promotion, each faculty member, regardless of title, must be reviewed annually, must be given a written report of his or her evaluation, and must be given the opportunity to discuss the outcome of the evaluation in person.

University Rule 12.01.99.M2, §2.5.3 further states, “to ensure consistency over time, each department shall publish its annual review procedure on paper or by electronic means. Annual review procedures for the department shall be approved by the respective college dean before publication and shall be reviewed by the dean of faculties for consistency with this section. The creation and modification of this document should be a product of joint deliberation by faculty members and the department head. If there is no need for department specific guidelines, a college-wide document, developed jointly by faculty and administrators and reviewed by the dean of faculties, is sufficient.” 

An annual review will be conducted in a timely fashion for all faculty members at the rank of lecturer, senior lecturer, instructor, librarian (I, II, III, or IV), assistant professor, associate professor, professor and distinguished professor. The purpose of the annual review is to provide a mechanism to facilitate dialog between the administration and faculty. Annual review provides valuable information to the department head about the faculty members’ accomplishments and to the faculty members with regard to the department head’s assessment of their progress in their discipline and in the context of department goals.

University Annual Review Guidelines

Mid-Term Review

The current guidelines for the mid-term review process are developed by the colleges and/or departments in accordance with university rules and approved by the dean of faculties.

Tenure-track faculty in their third year of service will undergo a mid-term review with their college and department. Please recognize that mid-term reviews are a very significant step in the evaluation and mentoring of tenure-track faculty.

Post-Tenure Review

Post tenure review policy is set by the college or department and approved by the Dean of Faculties. Each college and department policy must follow Standard Administrative Procedure 12.06.99.M0.01 - Post-Tenure Review.