Extensions to the probationary period may be granted upon petition by the faculty member, recommendation by the department head and dean, and approval by the dean of faculties.

Extensions are usually for one year, but a longer period may be requested in compelling circumstances. Any extension greater than one year must be approved by the provost. A faculty member may petition for an extension in the following cases:
  • The faculty member is taking leave without pay, or a reduction in service to 50% time for a semester or academic year, provided the leave is not taken solely for the purpose of pursuing activities that will enhance the faculty member’s qualifications for promotion and tenure.
  • The faculty member has encountered circumstances that may seriously impede progress toward demonstrating qualification for the award of promotion and tenure. Such circumstances might include (but are not limited to):
    • Serious illness or injury;
    • Having responsibility for the primary care of an infant or small child;
    • Having responsibility for the primary care of a close relative who is disabled, elderly or seriously ill;
    • Any serious disruption of the probationary period for unexpected reasons beyond the faculty member’s control.

The above guidelines for extension were developed by the Faculty Senate and approved by the president of the university.

Check with your college about any special requirements they may have for extension to the tenure clock.

Extensions to the tenure clock are finalized only after the completion of the Tenure Clock Extension Form  and a memo from the faculty member, routed through the Department Head, through the College Dean, to the Dean of Faculties.  If this is a second request or a request for a multiple year extension, it will need to route to the Provost for approval. 

Please place the documents in the order below:
  • Memo
  • Tenure Clock Extension Form
  • Previous Tenure Clock Extension form (only applicable if this is a subsequent request)
  • Original Tenure-Track Agreement Form