Instructions for hiring have been grouped by the following categories:

New Hiring Authorization Process

Non-Tenure Track

Tenure Track

Tenure Review Upon Hire

Research Faculty

International Faculty

Faculty Hiring Guidelines for Deans and Department Heads

Guidelines for International Temporary Work Location

Faculty Rules

Search Committee Training

These guidelines have been prepared in an effort to provide you a more efficient and comprehensive service with respect to the hiring process of faculty members. Adherence to these guidelines will ensure, as best as possible, compliance with applicable laws, policies, regulations and rules. In addition, it will also facilitate a timely process of the approval-to-hire packets resulting in the employment of the newly hired faculty member. Please also note that the University Guidelines to Faculty Titles applies to new hires as well as new appointments of present faculty.

*Deans should notify the Office of the Dean of Faculties when a search has been authorized.

The authorization to recruit is provided by the college dean in accordance with University Rule 12.99.99.M1-Faculty Recruitment. The authorization to recruit applies to the following positions:

  1. Tenured and untenured tenure track

  2. Non-tenure track 

As soon as the search committee has created the job requirements for the position, the job posting (announcement) and authorization to recruit/waiver must be sent to the Office of the Dean of Faculties via the DOF Hiring Portal in a new Pre-Hire. The job posting information will be submitted by the dean of faculties to the TWC to create the required posting.

Every state job in Texas must be posted with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). All faculty positions must be posted with the TWC for at least five (5) business days before an offer can be made.

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