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Hiring Authorization Process for Faculty Positions

On March 26, 2020, President Young announced a new hiring authorization process requiring presidential approval for all recruiting, selection, and hiring activities for the foreseeable future. This process is still in effect until further notice.

Hiring Authorization Instructions and Form

This form is to be used by department heads and/or college deans to request President approval through the DOF and Provost to:
  • Post any new faculty position (APT, tenure-track or tenure-review-upon-hire, full-time or part-time).
  • Make an offer for any ongoing faculty search (APT, tenure-track or tenure-review-upon-hire, full-time or part-time).
  • Continue any ongoing faculty search, regardless of the step at which it currently is.
  • Receive approval to hire for a position for which an offer has already been made, but which has not yet received approval by DOF or Provost (APT, tenure-track or tenure-review-upon-hire, full-time or part-time).
To make a request:
  1. Click the document link above and download the form from the website.
  2. Open the form with Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 or Adobe Acrobat DC.
  3. All fields should be completed as appropriate.
  4. The Justification field is required and should include why the position(s) is/are essential to the ongoing operations of the university and must be filled at this time or on the proposed timeline for a new search.
  5. OR, if a search waiver is being requested, this will need to be indicated in the Justification field along with the search waiver justification. 
    • Provide detailed search waiver justification that includes the extenuating circumstance as to why the waiver is being requested and the compelling business reason/need as well as the individual’s credentials and qualifications
    • Indicate if it is an internal or external search waiver. 
    • Attach to the form the candidate’s CV.
    • If available, attach to the form the draft offer letter.  (Start date cannot be prior to President approval.)
  6. Once completed and approved at the College, the form must be emailed to the DOF Office at facultyhiring@tamu.edu with the subject “President Hiring Authorization Request” to obtain President approval through the DOF and the Provost.
1.  How does the limited hiring announcement affect the faculty reinvestment and ACES programs?
Both programs continue to be active, but requests for any new hire under these programs require approval by the President. This does not apply to Cohort I of ACES fellows who are already faculty.

2.  I have a new faculty member scheduled to start within the next couple of months.  Can they still begin their employment?
Current commitments to new hires will be honored, however, our guidance remains to delay the start of a new hire if at all possible.  If that is not possible, then each department is responsible for ensuring that all needed services (UIN, Workday entries, Onboarding activities, ID card, etc.) are available to enable the employee to perform work.  You should carefully consider what it takes to onboard a new employee and if the necessary staff will be available.  On March 20, The DHS announced a temporary option for employers to fulfill the Form I-9 requirements, however, those options are not currently applicable to Texas A&M since we continue to have employees on campus.  This means that TAMU is still required to personally review documents for employment eligibility when completing Form I-9, so appropriate staff will need to be present for this task.

3.  I have a new faculty member scheduled to start during summer/fall.  Can they still begin their employment?Current commitments to fully approved new hires will be honored. 

4.  I have a faculty search for which the finalist has accepted the offer, all the hiring paperwork has been completed, and it is pending approval by DOF or Provost, what should I do?
Since the hire has not yet been approved by DOF or Provost, approval from the President will be required.

5.  I have an active faculty recruitment.  Should I set up or continue with interviews?
Only faculty positions essential to the ongoing operations of the university will be filled at this time.To continue a current recruitment will require the approval by the President until further notice.If your faculty position is currently posted, it will be put on hold.Approval from the President will be required to allow the position to be reopen.

6.  Our faculty recruitment and selection process has been completed and I am ready to make an offer, what should I do?
All new offers of employment should be for faculty that are deemed essential to TAMU’s organization and its mission.  Therefore, all faculty recruiting, selection and hiring activities must be approved by the President.  If you are in an active recruitment, activities should cease until approval is received from the President.

7.  I have a faculty position I need to post.  When will it be posted?  
New faculty positions will be posted only after a justification request has been approved by the President.

8.  With the limited faculty hiring in place, does that mean I lose my budgeted faculty position?
No, budgeted positions already approved prior to the Covid-19 pandemic remain approved, however, if they are not an essential position to the ongoing operation of your department at this time, the recruitment will be delayed until further notice.

9.  How should we proceed if the candidate is a Joint Hire?
The authorization request memo to the President should route through both departments and/or college as applicable for approval.

10.  How does this affect bulk-hires or pre-hires for more than one position?
Each position will need to be justified independently. 

11.  Will this change the partner placement process?
No.  This process shouldn’t change but should be a collaborative request between the two colleges and department.  As with the joint appointments, this will need both Deans approval if funds from both colleges are used for the position. 

12.  How do we proceed if we have a current staff member who is seeking a faculty title/position?
This will be considered a new hire, and President authorization will be required.

13.  What happens if my candidate declines the offer?  Do I need to route a new Hiring Authorization Request through the President?
No.  The Hiring Authorization Request is approving the position, not the candidate. 

14.  Does this apply to administrative positions such as Deans and Department Heads?
Yes.  Any external appointment for a Dean/Department Head will require a Hiring Authorization Request through the President.  Please note that this does not apply to internal Department Head searches.

15.  How will this affect the Board of Regents agenda item deadlines?
Our office can provide some flexibility on the deadline’s submission. 
  • August 19-21, 2020 meeting.  DOF can extend deadline to our office to May 19th. 
  • November 11-13, 2020 meeting, DOF can extend deadline to our office to August 11, 2020.
16.  Is authorization required for faculty reappointments and In-Excess of 100% requests?
No, President approval is not required for In-Excess requests and faculty reappointments.
17.  Is authorization required for Tenure Review Upon Hire faculty members that are currently at the Board of Regents approval step?
Tenure Review Upon Hires that have been approved by the Provost but are awaiting approval by the Board of Regents in May, do not require President approval.
18.  Is authorization required for faculty hires to Research Assistant Professor, Research Associate Professor, or Research Professor IF the salary is funded from grants?
Faculty hires to Research Assistant Professor, Research Associate Professor, or Research Professor do not require authorization if the salary is funded from grants.  Colleges will need to confirm in the Internal Notes field of the Position ID in Interfolio that the salary for the position is funded from grants.