Searches are required for all non-tenure track positions.

Waiving a search for a non-tenure track position

The college dean has the authority to waive the requirement for the search of non-tenure track positions.

Submission of a hiring package involving non-tenure track faculty for which the search was waived must include a brief memorandum saying the search for the current hire was waived by the college dean, along with a written explanation for the waiver either written by or endorsed by the college dean.

Searches for a non-tenure track position

Non-tenure track positions require a search, except if such search is waived. To facilitate the hiring process on non-tenure track faculty, the Office of the Dean of Faculties recommends that the deans authorize all non-tenure track faculty hires within a single notification document once a year. For each academic year, this authorization to hire should be sought prior to the summer immediately preceding the academic year for which the hires are sought, but can be submitted and/or updated at any time throughout the year. This process should be used only for those titles or positions that usually do not require an extensive, prolonged search.
As noted above, deans can waive a search for non-tenure track positions under special circumstances, such as special opportunity hires or unexpected/urgent situations. However, by having ongoing searches for non-tenure track positions the need to waive a search is substantially reduced.
Each department will need to create a process for soliciting, collecting, sorting and selecting faculty for the "generic" non-tenure track positions described above. Perhaps the easiest and most efficient approach would be to add to your departmental web home page a link to the job search announcement.
Although solicitations can be targeted, as when a department head or faculty member invites a given individual or specific group of individuals to submit a CV for consideration for a job, the department must also solicit applications openly. That is, any qualified individuals should have a way of knowing that jobs are available, and be given the opportunity to be considered for those jobs.
The department should develop a process that shows that, given the experience and qualifications of all the applicants, Jane Smith was the most qualified for the job. Clearly, firsthand knowledge of teaching effectiveness, familiarity with Texas A&M University, and a good understanding of departmental goals and the needs of our students can be used as an important criterion for the selection process. How much weight you give to the different criteria is up to you—but you have to be consistent across hires.
As job openings become available, department heads (or designees) would have the option of reviewing the existing pool of candidates, or engage in targeted or broader solicitations to increase the size of the pool narrowing the pool and selecting the finalist(s).

Hiring Forms

  • Non-Tenure Track Agreement

  • Approval to Hire Non-Tenure Track (Now generated in the DOF Portal)

  • Faculty Startup Package

  • Non-Tenure Track Search Memo Template

    To be completed by applicant after offer

  • Criminal Background Check Request Form

  • Transcript/Degree Verification Form

  • Selective Service Registration Form