Search waiver requests to hire tenure-track faculty can only be approved by the dean of faculties.

Requests to hire tenure-track faculty without a search must be made and justified by either or both the department head and the college dean. Search waivers for partner placement hires are assumed to benefit the university because of their positive impact in attracting and/or retaining highly qualified faculty. For any other type of search waiver, please submit your requests in writing only after having had a discussion with the dean of faculties.

Approval to hire tenure-track faculty without a search must be obtained from the dean of faculties prior to making any offer of employment.

Submission of a hiring package involving tenure-track faculty for which the search was waived must include a brief memorandum saying the search for the current hire was waived by the dean of faculties and a copy of the original request to waive the search with the dean of faculties’ signature of approval.

Hiring Forms

  • Tenure-Track Agreement

  • Approval to Hire Tenure Track (Now generated in the DOF Portal)

  • Faculty Startup Package

    To be completed by applicant after offer

  • Criminal Background Check Request Form

  • Transcript/Degree Verification Form

  • Selective Service Registration Form