Texas A&M University rules, standard administrative procedures (SAPs) and guidelines set forth established processes to maintain compliance with federal, state and local laws, system policies and regulations, and Texas A&M standards. Not all topics are addressed in Texas A&M rules or SAPs. Texas A&M may rely solely on a Texas A&M System policy or regulation for guidance. If you need assistance interpreting any posted rules, SAPs or guidelines, you may contact the office responsible for the rule, which is listed at the bottom of the corresponding rule, SAP or guideline.

Access to the A&M System policies, regulations, rules and SAP websites can be found at the University Risk & Compliance Office, which houses a number of very useful resources, including links to the Texas A&M System policies and regulations, all Texas A&M Rules and SAPs, as well as links to Student Rules for College Station and Galveston.

The complete list of Texas A&M Rules is organized into seven subsections according to broad categories (e.g., Section B: Academics and Research Programs), which in turn are further classified into more specific subject matters (e.g., Faculty, Research Programs, etc.). Here we provide links to a select subsample of policies, regulations, rules, SAPs and guidelines that deal with matters of higher relevance to faculty, department heads and deans.


01.01.01.M0.01 — Development and Approval of Texas A&M University Rules and Standard Administrative Procedures

Statement of Mission and Objectives

03.02.99.M1 — Creation and Review for Interdisciplinary Programs

Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration and Human Resources

25.07.01.M1.01 — President’s Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration

31.99.99.M0.01 — President’s Delegation of Authority for Human Resources Administration Matrix

Hiring, Appointments and Other Administrative Processes


12.07 — Fixed Term Academic Professional Track Faculty

12.99.99.M1 — Faculty Recruitment Procedures

33.99.14.M1.02 — Criminal History Record Information - Current Faculty and Faculty Applicants 

31.08.01.M0.02 — Faculty Emeritus Status  

33.99.07 — Internal Faculty Consulting and Professional Services

31.01.01.M2 — Salary Increases Not Awarded Through the Regular Budget Cycle

31.01.99.M0.02 — Approval Procedures for Supplemental Compensation and Dual Employment

33.06.01.M0.02 — Alternate Work Location – Faculty

31.03.03.M0.01 — Leave of Absence with Pay

31.03.04.M0.01 — Leave of Absence Without Pay

31.03.02.M1 — Sick Leave

31.03.02.M1.01 — Reinstatement of Faculty Member on Sick Leave or Leave Without Pay Related to a Disability

01.03.99.M0.01 — Incremental Pay and Appointment Status for Administrators With Faculty Appointments

Guidance for Administrative Appointments of Faculty and Return to Faculty Appointment

Addendum for Establishing Faculty Administrative Appointments and Workday Processing Considerations

Guidelines for the Return of Faculty following Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Agreements

Guidelines for Requesting an Equity Increase for Faculty

Guidelines to Faculty Titles

Faculty Governance, Rights and Responsibilities

12.01.99.M1 — University Statement on Academic Freedom, Responsibility, Tenure, and Promotion

12.99.01 — Faculty Development Leave

12.03.99.M1 — Faculty Teaching Workload Reporting

12.06.99.M0.01 — Post-Tenure Review

12.01.99.M2.01 — Appointment, Evaluation, and Reappointment of Faculty to Endowed Positions

12.99.99.M13 — Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Executive Vice President and Provost

12.99.99.M0.02 — Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Deans

12.99.99.M0.03 — Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation, and Retention of Department Heads

Academic and Research Programs

03.02.02.M0.02 — Policy and Procedure for Effecting Change in Academic Administrative Structure

11.02.99.M0.01 — Centers and Institutes

11.03.99.M1 —  Definition of a Credit Hour

15.02.99.M1 — Export Controls

15.99.07.M1 — Use of Vertebrate Animals in Research, Teaching and Testing

15.99.01.M1 — Human Subjects in Research

15.99.03.M1 — Ethics in Research, Scholarship and Creative Work

15.99.03.M1.01 — Guidelines for Scientific Misconduct Investigation and Inquiry

Faculty Grievances

For more information concerning faculty grievances please visit the dedicated Grievances page.

08.01.01.M1-Civil Rights Compliance
08.01.01.M1.01-Investigation and Resolution of Allegations of Prohibited Conduct Against Students, Employees, and Third Parties
08.01.02.M0.02-Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and Other Animals on Campus

12.99.99.M0.01 — Faculty Grievances Procedures not Concerning Questions of Tenure, Dismissal or Constitutional Rights

CAFRT Hearings Guidelines

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest and Disciplinary Actions

07.01 — Ethics

07.03.01.M1 — Political Campaign Events and Partisan Political Activities on TAMU Property

31.05.01 — Faculty Consulting and External Professional Employment

33.99.07 — Internal Faculty Consulting and Professional Services

34.02.01.M1 — Substance Abuse Prevention Rule

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Other Rules

11.07.99.M1 — Awarding Honorary Doctorate Degrees

11.08.99.M1 — Award of Posthumous Degrees


Texas A&M Guidelines for Validating Instructor Credentials to Teach — including SACS requirements and university expectations.
Texas A&M Guidelines for International Temporary Work Location (ITWL) Requests